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by Janet M. Wheeler, Esq.

updated Aug. 21, 2001


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Search Engines:

AltaVista (includes images search)
All in One Search


Mega Search Websites (a wide variety of links):

Washburn Law Library
American Bar Assoc. or
Morlan, Okla. Atty
NFP Paralegal Assoc.
Handy Lawyers Links
Law Librarian Resource Exchange
Ready Ref. Law Topics
Reference Desk
Hieros Gamos   (incl. multi-lingual hyperlinks)
LexisOne (free registration)
Law by Topics
Federal Govt. Search
Natl Center for State Courts

Professional Organizations:

Natl Assn.Legal Asst.
Natl Federal of Paralegals
American Bar Assn.
Oklahoma Bar Assn.
Tulsa County Bar Assoc.
Oklahoma counties assn.
Oklahoma County Bar Assn.
Oklahoma Counties Bar Assn.     
Okla. Emplmt Lawyers Assn.
Okla. Court Reporters Assn.
Okla. Society of CPAs
Central Oklahoma Assn of L.A.
Tulsa Assn. of Legal Assistants
Oklahoma Paralegal Association
Law Librarians
Verbatim Court Reporters
Natl.Court Rptr. Assoc.
Court Reporters directory
Court Reporter career info.
Natl Assoc. of Atty. Gen.
Amer.Bankruptcy Institute
Natl Assoc. Bankrtp.Trustees
Natl Employment Lawyers
Health Lawyers Assoc.
Net Lawyers


Attorney and Medical Directories:

Martindale Hubble Atty Dir.
West Legal Attorney Directory
American Medical Assoc.    


Oklahoma Courts, State Codes and Public Records Resources:

Okla. Supreme Court
Okla. Crim. Ct. of Appeals
Okla. Const. & Statutes
State of Okla. Home Page
Okla. State Agencies
Okla. State Search
Okla. State Search
Okla. Legislature
Okla. Opinions Atty Gen.
Okla. District Court Dockets
Okla. Jury Instructions
Oklahoma Court Forms
Okla. Secretary of State Forms
Oklahoma Notary Public Info.
Okla. District Court Dockets
Oklahoma Attorney General
Okla. Counties Courthouses
Oklahoma County
Okla. County Law Library
Tulsa County
Tulsa County Law Library
Okla.15th Judicial District
Okla. City Municipal Court
Oklahoma Cities Links
Okla. Cities Municipal Code
U.S.D.C. W. D. of Okla.
U.S.D.C. N. D. of Okla..
Selected Law Reviews
State Resident Agent Info.
All State Const.& Codes
All States Court Opinions
All Uniform Laws
All States Secretary of States  or
All States Ethics
All Municipal City Codes
All Courts on Internet
Live Internet Court Broadcast and
University of Oklahoma Law School
Oklahoma City Universtiy School
University of Tulsa Law School


Federal Law Resources:

U. S. Constitution
U. S. Code
Federal Rules of Civil Procd.
Federal Rules of Evidence
U. S. Congress
U. S. Supreme Court
U.S. Sup. Ct. Historical audio
U. S. Circuit Courts
U.S. Courts
U.S. 10th Cir. Rules http://www.ck10/
U.S. District Court Directory
U.S.D.C. W. D. of Okla .
U.S.D.C. N. D. of Okla.
U.S.D.C. E. D. of Okla
U.S. Bankruptcy Ct. Directory
Federal Court News
Federal Agencies Rules
Federal Govt. Search or
Federal Govt. Info.Gateway
Federal Government links
Federal Courts Daily News
The White House


General Medical Information Resources:

General medical info.
General medical info.
Oncolink (cancer research)
Pharmaceutical Info.
Radiology Info.
National Health Law Program


Legal Assistant Career Information:


Paralegal Career Information
How to Choose a Paralegal Program     
What is a Paralegal   
Oklahoma ABA Approved Paralegal Programs
Paralegal Jobs with State of Oklahoma
Paralegal Job Placement with the Okla. County Bar Assoc.
Paralegal Jobs with the Federal Government

Paralegal Jobs nationwide
American Association for Paralegal Edu.
Central Okla. Association of Legal Asst.




Locating Tools:

Switchboard – ATT
Yahoo People Finder
Any Who People & Bus.
Who Where Finder
Phone + Directory 
Bigfoot - Search Tool
Better Business Bureau
Business Info.
CIA Fact Book
City Info. (Any U.S. city)
County Courthouses in USA (addresses and phone nos.)
Court and Legal Forms 
Court Reporters
Crim. Justice Archive Data
Expert Witnesses directory
Federal Express Tracking
Financial Aid for College
Greeting Cards
Hoovers Business Info.
Information Please

(almanacs, dictionaries & encycl.)
Internet Public Library or
Internet Lawyer
Kids Cool Websites
Kelley Blue Book (car value)
Law Office Computing
Legal Asst. Publications

National Paralegal Reporter:

Newspaper-Law Journal Extra
Newspaper-Tulsa World
Newspaper-Journal Record
People Finders
Research It (many links & languages)
Reference Desk (many links)
Skip Tracing Tool Box
Social Security No. Verification
Travel Network
Travel http://www.biztravel
Travel-OKC flight info.
United States Postal Service
Univ. Of Okla. Law
Weather – all
Weather - local


Banking Resources:

Reference Desk
Bond Market Association
Current stock quotes
Investors glossary of terms
Universal Currency Converter

Writing Tools:

Acronym and Abbreviations
Black's Law Dictionary
Citation Guide
Citation Guide

Encyclopedia Brittanica
Web Citation Guidelines
Investors glossary of terms
>Lectric Law Lexicon
Legal Forms
OneLook Dictionaries
Online Dictionary (assorted lang.)
Roget's Thesaurus
Atlavista's translation serv.
Grammar Reference
Reference Desk
Walker's Style Guide
Websters Dictionary

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